Website and IRC-Bot 2.0


First some Website stuff:
There are gonna be some usability Updates when they are needed, like a Search-Functionality. Also the Design is slim and clean, so in short: I like it. I added the Project-Entry for the Website

Some people might remember my IRC-Bot for Twitch where you could look someones Elo via a Chatcommand and more. The first Version was not that well programmed. That was my first real experience with heavy Multithreading. Now that i have more Experience in that Field (Look the Webserver is still running :D) i am going to release a new Version of it. This time it will even have a Web-Interface next to its normal Chat-Interface. Also now i have a Raspberry PI 2. Quadcore and more RAM! The main parts are already finished. Now i just have to implement the actual Commands and the Web-Interface


The Beginning


So this is the beginning of my Website

I am going to post most of my projects, my thoughts ,ideas and so on here in the main section. Sooner or later i'll expand and add way more Content to it.
Since English isn't my first language bear with me. I also like to Uppercase nouns in the Sentences. Sometimes i do that sometimes i don't.